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If they had listened to Zhakata

IF the leaders of the MDC had carefully listened to Leonard Zhakata’s lyrics in the song Struggle off his 2003 album Hodho that was banned from the airwaves, the current wrangle that arose as a result of the re-introduction of the senate

by President Robert Mugabe could have been avoided.

In the song, Zhakata makes it clear that it is good to be victorious, but victory is only achievable if the team is united. He sings: “Zvakanaka kukunda wani, asi zviri nyore kukunda pamwe chete . . . Tikaita struggle within a struggle, tingakunde sei . . . Rangu pfumo ndokanda kumhandu, iwe rako pfumo wokanda kuneni.”

This is exactly what is happening in the MDC at the moment, and I implore the leaders to quickly reconsider their positions. I am happy that the leaders have started making efforts to resolve the issue, and that a meeting of the party’s top six has already taken place. I hope that the follow-up meetings will produce positive results.

Zimbabweans have suffered enough under Mugabe, to the extent that some of us have been forced out of the country.

In my opinion, the MDC remains the only hope for the emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe. The entire MDC top brass must realise this, and ensure that the appropriate strategies to dislodge the repressive Mugabe regime are formulated.

I also urge the people of Zimbabwe who had looked to the MDC as the solution to the country’s problems not to despair. Students of organisational dynamics will confirm that every successful organisation has to go through the storming phase. At six years, the MDC may not have gone through its storming phase, and this is what we are experiencing at the moment.

My appeal to Zimbabweans in general, and specifically to the MDC structures, sympathisers and advisers: those leaders need your support and guidance. Please play your part.

Benjamin Chitate,

New Zealand.

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