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Failure not an option

I WAS shocked to read Lewis Goverwa’s letter published in your issue of October 28, in which the Australia-based Zimbabwean wrote that “failure is always an option”. The letter criticised Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono’s de

termination to succeed in turning around the economy, alleging that his slogan “failure is not an option” was counterproductive.

I disagree strongly with Goverwa’s defeatist mentality, which he says guides him in his medical profession. Such a mind, which is already defeated, will never go the extra mile in search for solutions to a given medical or other life challenge.

Zimbabwe is between a rock and a hard place and Gono has fully acknowledged this in great detail in his latest monetary policy review statement. He noted the plight of workers in urban and rural areas, pensioners and the unemployed who are grappling to make ends meet due to escalating costs on a daily basis.

To me, this shows that Gono is a man who is fully aware of the challenge that confronts us as a nation, a fact which then dismisses Goverwa’s wild remarks that the central bank governor is not knowledgeable about the economic environment in Zimbabwe.

We must really consider what succumbing to failure entails for a nation such as ours. If we fail to repay our international creditor, what are the implications for this country? We must fully consider the impact of giving up our fight against inflation, hunger and foreign currency shortages. What repercussion will this have not only on current generations, but also on those to come?

It is from such considerations that I realise that failure cannot be an option for Zimbabwe. Encouragement, not scorn, must be given to Gono, a man who has succeeded where many others have failed.

Keep the fire of your passion burning, Mr Governor, for you are an inspiration to many.

Melusi Nyathi,


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