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Displacement’s good might be realised yet

CONCERNING displaced Zimbabweans, it is with great interest that I view the recent activities of President Robert Mugabe’s government.

Although it seems the peopl

e have been fed a bitter pill, the outcome might yet be realised to be for a greater good. Truth is that we have lived for ages off the land, and though some may argue that these are city dwellers that have been driven into the country areas, they will not die.

As I recall the same Eurocentric forces that are decrying the move did the same thing to us after emancipation here in the “New World”. We were left to fend for ourselves. The big difference is that our brothers in your country were not slaves, and secondly and more importantly, they are citizens and heirs of that land.

My brothers, we own the land! Do not despair for being turned loose on your own property.

In the words of the great Robert Nestor Marley: “We can make it work. Come together, and make it work.”

I would have hoped that the government would give some amount of assistance to the citizenry in starting afresh  for instance, grain or money – but I suppose that if there are available support groups in the society, that’s food for thought.

We must not forget the hostilities meted out against our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe by European oppressors who are nostalgic for a notorious and not so distant past. Let us all work together for the good of all true Zimbabweans.

Africa for Africans.

Brebre Simkele,


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