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Beware of Zesa accounts

I WISH to bring to the attention of the overburdened public the latest money-making gimmick by our efficient Zesa.

On August 26, I went to pay my electricity bill

at the Redcliff office.

Unfortunately, I had not yet received the current bill so I was not aware of what amount was due.

On inquiring about the balance I was advised that the computers were down but I could pay an amount equivalent to my monthly average. I duly wrote out a cheque for $60 000 and was given a handwritten receipt.

On September 9, Zesa technicians were dispatched to switch off electricity at my house. The reason being that there was an outstanding amount of $13 000 on the account paid. To reconnect the electricity they required $140 000 and a security deposit of an equal amount.

What baffles me is that I did not receive the bill for $73 000. I made the effort to pay the monthly bill but the system was down.

I followed the advice of the senior cashier to pay the average. On trying to obtain assistance from one arrogant Muchapondwa, the controller, I was informed that that was the policy – the onus was on me to go back to the Zesa office and ensure that my balance was paid despite their system being down.

This “efficiency” leaves one in no doubt that this is the same utility which load-sheds you without warning or an apology and leaves you with rotten perishables in your fridge.

In the absence of consumer rights protection, I wish to advise the suffering public to take caution when paying Zesa accounts.

Ripped off,


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