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ZPDP not a Zanu PF baby

UNSURPRISINGLY, there are many who are cynical and have worked to spread negative messages about the Zimbabwe People’s Democratic Party (ZPDP).

Some claim t

hat ZPDP is a ploy by Zanu PF or that we are a money-hungry party with short-term interests.

I must remind them that under a stable democracy, any government or opposition party which is obsessed with seeing imaginary enemies at every turn can only be regarded as paranoid and paranoia is a consequence of lack of self-confidence and their own inability to cope with realities and challenges.

To set the record straight and clear the confusion of such paranoid cynics, I will state my words in simple, clear language: The ZPDP is NOT a part of Zanu PF.

Our efforts are a response to the cries of the people on the streets of Zimbabwe who can no longer stand by and watch history repeat itself. We have been around since 1991 as the history books will reflect and after all these years our mission remains unchanged.

We will strive to foster the return of economic development and democratisation of Zimbabwe.

We will have a zero tolerance for corruption and will promote equal housing for all. We will make available efficient transportation systems and other infrastructures.

Quality education will be provided to every child. We will promote freedom of speech and of the press. We will promote equality amongst men and women. We will abolish deeply ingrained taboos while also preserving our cultural traditions. Above all, we will abide by a system of accountability.

For the people of Zimbabwe, the ZPDP, will mean more jobs — jobs which are not merely temporary vote-catching creations, but the product of a growing and sustainable economy.

Our people do not have to flee the country of their birth in search of greener


The ZPDP will use our country’s rich resources responsibly and effectively to benefit all our people now and in the future. It will cut down the bloated government and over remuneration that currently benefits the luxurious lifestyles of a privileged few.

We can pave the way for a better future for Zimbabwe and you have the choice of making that possible. The ZPDP understands the ideals of community, faith and service because they’ve defined my very life.

Through decades as a self-made businesswoman in Zimbabwe, I have devoted myself to my country. I’ve fought against corruption and the tattered system of government as many other Zimbabweans do each and everyday.

Since 1991 the ZPDP has not relied on hand-outs. Rather, we have sustained the efforts of our party with the fruits of hard work. We have done so because we believe in our nation and in a Zimbabwe where hard work must be rewarded so that one day, instead of self-serving manipulators lining their coffers with the monies of hard-working tax payers, all Zimbabweans will have an equal opportunity to prosper and live a full life.

That said, the time has come for a combined effort in paving the way for Zimbabwe’s future and to this end support is vital.

We encourage others to lend their hand knowing that our party has a high level of accountability and will not squander your support as other opposition parties have done.

I believe in a Zimbabwe where all of my fellow citizens can have access to quality healthcare and education. Almost everyday I meet young people who ask me where they can get their next loaf of bread.

These are children, not even fully-grown, who are victims of a government that has denied its youth the bare necessities of sustenance.

If there’s a child on the streets of Harare, Mutare or Bulawayo who can’t read or has no shelter or food, I know that we have work to do.

If there’s a mother lying on her deathbed, her flesh eaten away with Aids, and cannot get access to proper nutrition and medication, or whose children will be left to fend for themselves, I know that we have work to do.

Let me not complete this message without expressing my deep gratitude for the response from the people of Zimbabwe and many others around the world since the launch of www.zpdp.org.

Our web team is diligently working on adding our manifesto to the site as well as other features in response to your suggestions. We will also continue to respond to the many emails received from well-wishers and concerned Zimbabweans.

In closing I must commend the recent comments of one observer who said: “Zanu PF and the MDC are the same.”

The only difference is that one is in power and the other is not. The MDC is no different from Zanu PF. Neither party has embraced the concept of democracy.

Amai Madangure,

ZPDP president.

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