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Zanu PF has missed a golden opportunity

I WOULD like to comment on the Zanu PF-led government’s unwillingness to invite certain countries and organisations it perceives as its adversaries to observe the coming elections.

, Helvetica, sans-serif”>If Zanu PF has nothing to hide, this would have been a golden opportunity to clear all the ire that clouds its governance especially on human rights abuses. But it looks like Mugabe will not dare expose himself in sure a fashion as he has a lot to hide.

Looking at the countries that government has invited to observe the election, it is so evident that these countries are in support of Mugabe’s style of governance yet they forget that it is the people of Zimbabwe who are suffering. South Africa has become a “puppet government” for Mugabe. That is such a shame and Africa will not forgive Thabo Mbeki for the double standards he has shown on Mugabe.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Russia — one of the few countries invited by Mugabe’s government — is accused in many circles of pushing the former USSR back to totalitarian rule.

Why Harare has barred the participation of the Sadc parliamentary election observers is still a mystery and only Mugabe and his uninformed cronies know better.

Eddie Kwaramba,


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