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Why is Ncube trying to confuse us?

Dear Editor I CAN only understand where Trevor Ncube is coming from in his article in the Independent’s March 18 issue, when he spews anger and frustration at the edgy and fragile tragic situation prevailing in Zimbabwe at this mome

nt in time. What I do not understand though, is his idea of another fragmentation of some sort to have what he calls a “Third Way”.

Third way, fourth, fifth to the infinitive will only benefit chaos and unnecessary tensions within an already reeling situation. Ncube’s attack on the MDC leadership on the basis of them being trade unionists smacks of a latent hostility of every successful businessman’s dislike of workers’ rights to reclaim their share of the profits from their shop floor level. Ncube is a renowned successful media mogul based in South Africa and frankly businessmen and trade unionists are not the best of pals.

What becomes a cause of concern though are situations when one tries to build ethnic divisions to capitalise on a crisis for the “Third Way”, which could be a grouping of proxy businessmen sitting tight in the high street offices in Pretoria, Durban, Jo’burg, while the country is burning.

We have an election next week and a catastrophic starvation coming through, and hence we expect authoritative voices to be leading in a calm and effective way. OK if Trevor had realised that there was need for a “Third Way”, being as sharp as he is, and with all the media empire at his disposal, why didn’t he push for that idea on time rather than confuse us all the way to doom! For which audience is this article addressed to?

Is this meant for the Diaspora? We wait and see — because so many of these armchair critics can multiply rapidly from Dr Madhuku, to Henry Dzinotyiweyi to all the small men of big brains whose obsession to counterproductive public statements have become the norm.

I think people should realise the immense task before us with measured respect, because it’s not academic stuff, or who has big money in pockets to influence the road to State House!

We need calm people to lead us Trevor. Here is a man who can leave us more divided in “Third Ways”.

Bruv Musonza,


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