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What is wrong is wrong

IN the story “President, Prince Charles shake hands”, (Herald, April 9), a scribe was overjoyed giving the details of how President Mugabe shook hands with Prince Charles at the pope’s burial at the Vatican.

>Knowing fully well that whatever gets published in the Herald has to be approved by the President’s Office, it goes without saying that the office was happy to see the story gracing the front page. So shaking hands with the British has become a big deal! Am I missing something here?

Who has been grabbing every opportunity to castigate the British at every turn and bend? Who has been castigating the MDC for having links with the British? Who has been belittling the British and the Americans and dismissing their comments on the state of affairs in Zimbabwe as unfounded?

If all they said about President Mugabe rigging elections is being dismissed as lies and attempts to discredit him, why then does his shaking hands with Prince Charles become front page news?

Honestly, does President Mugabe and his government think we are all as daft as they think?

Funny how they assume all universities must have been destroyed soon after they attained their degrees!

The shaking of hands was a non-event for me and most Zimbabweans. It was simply that, and nothing more.

What interested me and all those who were following events in the Vatican City is the fact that when British premier Tony Blair realised that he was to sit close to President Mugabe, he chose to go and stand with the commoners. And who followed him? All the leaders of the British opposition parties together with their wives!

What do we learn here? Self-explanatory isn’t it!

I have been in the UK for almost five years now and it never fails to amaze me how the Labour Party interacts with the opposition parties.

If we had this kind of tolerance in Zimbabwe our country would be up there with the best. It’s even hard to tell which member is from which party until you listen to the direction of the topic under discussion.

Nobody looks down upon anybody in spite of the different views on matters of governance.

I bet nobody will begrudge me if I say they are politically civilised. Never have I heard Blair take to the platform to threaten opposition members with “the rule of law”.

After all, the rule of law means exactly that in the UK while in Zimbabwe it means the police will beat the brains out of you before locking you up for a period of their choice. There is nowhere to run to or complain because the police are the ultimate authority. They fly above the law. Untouchables!

Back to the Vatican issue. The fact that Blair and the opposition leaders all decided to snub President Mugabe shows us something about the minds of the British people — what is wrong, is wrong and what is right, is right.

In Zimbabwe, the government will oppose anything proposed by the opposition and vice versa. That’s not the spirit guys. What is wrong, is wrong.

President Mugabe is an evil man to all the parties in the UK. In spite of how much the opposition parties in the UK would want to replace the Labour party, they still agree on the fact that President Mugabe is evil.

While the Herald, President Mugabe and Zanu PF would want to dwell on the shaking of hands with Prince Charles, the majority of us choose to dwell on the honesty of the British. What is wrong is wrong.

One shouldn’t sit down with the devil just because his enemies have snubbed him! It’s better to be counted with the upright commoners than to dine with the rich of crooked minds and deeds!

Jassy Farai,


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