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NOW that the new structure of the hierarchy has been established, governments in the European Union, Australia, Switzerland, Britain, the US and the like need to urgently update and expand their lists of select Zimbabweans who qualify for

travel restrictions, isolation and externalised assets freezing.

It is amazing how many Zanu PF stalwarts vehemently condemn the West whilst they hypocritically externalise their offspring to these most-hated nations rather than having them party-orientated at local youth training centres.

The time is overdue to expel the siblings of Zimbabwean evil-doers from civilised nations of the world. They should be sent home to be ingrained with their leaders’ archaic values and culture.

The IMF members should also stop giving hope and latitude to the regime, and now permanently expel them. It should by now be finally understood by them that Zimbabwe has no intention or hope of ever settling its external debts.

The Zanu PF regime should take their begging baskets to their new masters — Thabo Mbeki, Iran and China. There is nothing left in the West to beg for or blame for the self-inflicted demise of Zimbabwe.

Walter Hurley,

South Africa.

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