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Unmasking myths around sex

IN this age of diverse sex knowledge and experience, who will show the right way to the young people?

And in this prevailing culture of loose morals, who will poi

nt out repercussions of the wrong uses of sex?

The truth is: no one with the potential of making a huge impact on people’s lives really seems to care! But should they? After all, it is a free world. Why bother when youth of today get bold and hard-headed when it comes to this issue?

The worst epidemic facing this world is ignorance and misinformation. There is too much noise — even from respected circles of society, about Aids and condom use. Take for instance Studio 263’s Tendai Jari who talks too much about disclosing her HIV status and too little about how she attained that status which would help others take heed.

Many Aids victims will tell you that they knew too well about Aids and condom use before they became HIV-positive. That means condom use advocates and their affiliates, if not exacerbating the problem, are doing little to solve it — mostly because little is said about probity.

But probity goes a lot further than curbing the problem of Aids. It makes lives a lot happier and sex more special, more rewarding and more pleasurable, if used only in marriage — shared with that one special person who has been, in the midst of temptations, reserving himself/herself only for you.

Mothers should understand and advocate this. They are sure to deny their children or husbands even a small piece of some sizzling meat before dinner time. Though the child or husband is entitled to probably an even bigger piece, they know that it is best only at the right time and in the right way.

Why won’t many apply this to their sex lives?

Don’t we all — including that prostitute — desire beautiful, lasting marriages?

Having the knowledge and positive attitude on sex is a huge step towards that goal. And if more people advocate this and sex is respected and honoured — and not idolised (as was recently the case on the Mai Chisamba Show because proper sex knowledge never warrants a PGA label), then many lives and marriages will be guaranteed happiness.

Life really is what you make it — and that certainly includes sex and marriage. To explain this simple, yet profound truth, I give a simple example — hugging.

It is considered the modern thing by many and is often done so casually and indiscriminately. Some will scoff at this but such a view robs any embrace of a spouse of the special meaning it ought to have.

I believe sex is an important factor in many happy families and marriages. It is also an important factor in many miserable, unhappy lives. It is high time young people (and adults) understood why.

Anthony Lawrence,


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