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Tsvangirai bought Strathaven house

Dear Editor,

THE Zimbabwe Independent of March 31 (“MDC rival camps fight over assets”) stated, among other issues, that MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s Strathaven home was purchased by, and belongs to, the party, and is at the centre of an alleged dispute over pa

rty assets.

For the record, Mr Tsvangirai’s home was acquired with proceeds from the sale of his Ashdown Park property, plus other personal savings he accrued over the years.

The agreements of sale in respect of the two properties and the requisite transactions that followed thereafter are available for inspection to any member of the public who has a genuine reason, in the public interest, in prying into Mr Tsvangirai’s private and personal life.

Your reporter could have easily established this fact if normal journalistic behaviour was followed in this particular case.
Because of that abnormality, an ethical breach bordering on advocacy journalism that gave birth to the distortion, Mr Tsvangirai wishes to exercise his right of reply.

It is common cause that Mr Tsvangirai rose from humble beginnings, like most ordinary Zimbabweans, working hard to raise a family and to pursue a career in the service of others.

As a leader, a responsible citizen and a family man, Mr Tsvangirai believes in accountability, transparency and openness.

At the moment, Mr Tsvangirai’s major concern is on the resolution of the national crisis which has seen millions thrown out of the country in search for economic relief.

The crisis has plunged the country into total darkness, with shortages of basic essentials, food, fuel, medical drugs and foreign currency.

This crisis has claimed the lives of thousands of ordinary Zimbabweans.

The cost of the dictatorship has destabilised families and threatens the social fabric of our nation.

Mr Tsvangirai wishes to steer clear of persons whose agenda is to irritate the struggle, target him for undue attention while ignoring the real enemy in our midst.

He feels that responding to their antics and political retardation mannerisms only serves to accord them unnecessary oxygen of publicity that does not advance the cause.

Your newspaper shows an interest in what you call a dispute in the assets of the MDC. Mr Tsvangirai leads a party, Zimbabwe’s largest political party, which has just emerged from a national congress.

Neither he nor any leader of the MDC has the power to individually determine the fate of the party’s name, symbols and assets.

These items and assets belong to the people.
The MDC constitution is very clear on how party property, identity and assets shall be managed, disbursed or liquidated.

Such items cannot be tampered with until and unless the people decide to dissolve the party.

A decision on the dissolution of the party cannot be taken by a few individuals, regardless of their political and social station — it is a congressional affair.

TW Bango,

MDC Presidential spokesman,


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