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Trevor Ncube indoctrinated

Dear Editor TREVOR Ncube’s article in the March 18 Independent headlined ‘Mugabe needed now as never before’ is unimpressed by President Robert Mugabe’s repression to the extent that it has indoctrinated him to thi

nk that Mugabe is indispensable in restoring political and economic order in Zimbabwe.

He thinks that Zanu PF is too fragmented to achieve the same without Mugabe. At the same time, he is disillusioned by the preparedness of the MDC to handle the sorry state of the economy should the six-year old party finds itself in power anytime soon.

If Ncube’s assertions are anything to go by, the Mugabe-led regime commands some level of legitimacy within and outside Zimbabwe. Change in governance approach has failed to take effect not because the opposition is not credible. It is because opinion leaders (including Ncube) have whipped our mindsets into thinking that Mugabe is a better devil after all.

It is still possible to restore political and economic stability, without Mugabe. Even if Zimbabwe were under military control, this view will still hold. It has happened in colonial Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa, whose economies continued to prosper during worse times.

Mugabe fears the people and his paranoia has drawn him into battle with otherwise uninterested individuals abroad. He has concentrated his efforts on an international image building campaign premised on the wrong principle — keeping power. Examples include the Ari Ben Menashe expenditure to trap MDC and later prosecute Morgan Tsvangirai, the Miss Tourism World pageant, the Home Link campaign, the Look East trips and many others where state funds have been expended. He is unlikely to stop such expenditure as long as he believes in sovereignty as an economic turnaround programme.

To expect Mugabe to rescue Zimbabwe from the brouhaha that he orchestrated is expecting too much from the octogenarian leader. Similarly, to expect him to change and admit failure is living in dreamland. In short, Mugabe’s approach is a liability to both Zimbabwe and Zanu PF.



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