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Time to give them the boot

ON March 31 people at home will have an opportunity to say to Mugabe and his bunch of crooks in ministries and state parastatals that we have had enough of Zanu PF mediocrity. We need a government of people that looks ahead. People who ar

e still able and full of energy and of the correct political philosophy and morality.

Mugabe and his elderly lieutenants must go and rest and bask in the sun and make way for a leadership that will put the people first. Whilst Mugabe changed cabinet ministers with every reshuffle that came, none of the people in Zanu PF have the honesty to tell him that he too needed to be replaced. Mugabe has overstayed his welcome in the true judgement of true patriots and nation loving cadres. We need Mugabe to leave politics, open Zanu PF to democracy and then we can build our country.

Mugabe is Zimbabwe’s greatest enemy not Zanu PF and we must replace Mugabe so that the party can take a breath and recondition, reshape and reinvigorate itself for the fulfillment of the agenda for which the party was born.

I am talking about the war in which Josiah Tongogara was involved and the entirety of the cadre community who perished in pursuit of the fight for Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe that was fought for has not been open to all. It has been the property of a few as was the situation under colonial persecution.

It cannot be right to assume that only Mugabe knows what is best for the country and that it is impossible to find another leader even within Zanu PF to take over. The fact that those in Zanu PF have been unable to see this or to say it leaves Zimbabwe with only one option — the opposition, provided the latter unequivocally assures us that they are not the latter-day Mobutu Sese Seko’s of Africa.

Courage Shumba,


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