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Some find it hard

I READ AT Gaukroger’s article “Crossword too easy”, (Zimbabwe Independent, January 28).

I am the compiler of the general knowledge puzzle and am delig

hted to get feedback — good or bad — from readers. His is only the fourth opinion received since I started.

Two people said they enjoyed them, and last week another reader approached me saying she enjoyed the puzzles, but found them quite hard! How does one please everyone?

Personally, I thought they would be considered moderately easy, but it’s hard to judge without a lot of feedback. I agree that a puzzle should present a challenge, but not so much so that one has to constantly resort to reference books for answers, and thus lose interest or run out of time.

The intention is for it to be a “quick quiz” to do over a Friday coffee break.

Perhaps the answer would be to include some fairly obscure questions amongst the simpler ones to try and keep both “camps” happy?

Sally Lundgren,


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