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Quiet diplomacy: Mbeki’s vote-buying gimmick

SOUTH African president Thabo Mbeki wants to make history as the man who secured South Africa a permanent seat on the Security Council of the UN — a noble idea indeed, that is however bound to fail on account of one issue.

Mbeki’s handling of the crisis in Zimbabwe has left the democratic, civilised world at a loss on what exactly the man is up to.

His overzealous protection of an openly undemocratic, tyrannical regime in Zimbabwe has harmed his international credibility rating.

Mbeki goes out of his way to defend the Zimbabwe regime only because he too is an aspiring dictator.

It’s simply a question of time before South Africans find themselves in the situation that we are in right now. Mbeki will get them there.

It is clear to many that Mbeki is buying Zimbabwe’s support to gain the security council seat.

His diplomatic forays into the DRC, Togo, Ivory Coast and elsewhere can now be seen in their proper perspective — vote-buying.

Nigeria’s commitment to democracy, human rights and Nepad makes it a more deserving candidate for the UN seat ahead of both Egypt and South Africa.

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