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Punishing whites not the solution

THANK you for standing your ground on your unbiased reporting especially considering the harsh media environment that you operate in. No matter how dim the wick, the candle of hope keeps on burning in Zimbabwe.

ONT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I would like to comment on a letter you published in the March 18 issue written by Courage Shumba in your letters column, entitled “White farmers do not deserve a penny”.

Although I agree in near totality with the fact that whites caused untold suffering on blacks in Africa by settling on prime land, I beg to differ with the fact that Mugabe and Tsvangirai should act in cahoots to further punish whites in Zimbabwe.

Shumba must remember that even MDC supports land reform but the bone of contention in this regard is the means and ways that land was distributed by Zanu PF.

For starters, who is getting the land in Zimbabwe? The black suffering Zimbabweans are still occupying the land that they were settled on during the Smith regime. Everyday we hear that so and so, a Zanu PF official, has so many farms. Is that what we Zimbabweans are crying for? According to Zanu PF, we have the economic power because we have the land. So why is poverty still reigning supreme in every facet of Zimbabwean life?

Land is supposed to empower people and that is not happening as we speak today. We need reform that will benefit mbuya nasekuru kumusha nhasi iye chaiye (those in the remote areas quickly). As of now that is a far fetched dream that is only being enjoyed by those who serve in Mugabe’s cabinet or party.

It would be wrong for Tsvangirai to get in a partnership with Mugabe to grab land forcefully from whites only to give it to a selected few rather than the suffering masses of Zimbabwe.



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