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Pay peanuts, forget targets!

I WAS quite pleased to see a letter “Corruption rife at Zimra”, (Zimbabwe Independent, January 21), about corrupt Zimra management.

The author of that

letter is indeed my colleague. The facts are true and I hope publication of this letter will save Zimbabwe.

Most Zimra employees have joined the national strike force, sadly, not striking for the nation as Peter Ndlovu does (in soccer), but striking the nation itself.

The problem is, when the government awarded a 300% salary increment to civil servants, Zimra commissioner-general Gershom Pasi and his management gave 85%, meaning that a revenue officer would take home $2 753 452.

We have friends from college, luckily employed by the central bank where they are getting a net figure of $16 875 124 monthly upon engagement.

The RBZ and Zimra are generally government hands operating from the

same shoulders. I wish Pasi would understand.

Gono announced increments of between 80 and 95% for the private sector in his monetary policy review recently hoping the salary scales would match with his staff’s. But Pasi thought otherwise.

Truly, if ever Pasi grants Zimra employees between that range without first rescaling, most of us will join the national strike force and I swear this time around there will be “no hitting of targets”.

Ultimately, even President Mugabe will get fed up and fire him.

All monies which he requested from the minister for staff loans he distributed amongst his senior staff.

His wife and kids enjoy Zimra benefits. He has several Zimra cars which his children can drive around while some supervisors drive CMED 323s.

I call on all colleagues to join the strike force.

When the budget for 2005 was announced, all government departments had to wait for “Rev Kids” to collect money for submission to the treasury from which allocations are made.

If we strike every corner, does he think the health delivery department will make it?

What about the defence, industry and international trade and even the RBZ? Think of any other department.

Merciful Rev Kid,


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