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Panellists damaging ZBH

I REFER to the “Talking Politics” programme aired last Tuesday, March 15 on ZBC, where the MDC was invited to present their economic blueprint for Zimbabwe, and wish to draw attention to the following.

>The outrageous, unprofessional and crass manner displayed by the three presenters, Supa Mandiwanzira, Ibbo Mandaza and Happison Mucheterere towards the panellists, Tendai Biti and Prisicilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga, calls for drastic action to be taken by those in authority against the harm done to the reputation and credibility of ZBH by the unacceptable behaviour of these three men.

They spoke over the “guests”, shouted them down, cut them short whilst answering questions, snorted and scoffed openly at answers, were extremely disruptive and hostile and generally created a drunken bar room atmosphere to ruin an otherwise important national occasion which has great impact on the course that our nation will decide on March 31.

Those three have shown disrespect to the viewing public and should be held accountable for actions that have no place in a public broadcast.

Bertram Tabbett,

Arcadia, Harare.

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