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Moyo instead chose to sup with the devil

JONATHAN Moyo’s ideas on the bankruptcy of President Robert Mugabe’s “Look East” policy are brilliant, but Moyo will soon realise that beyond the rhetoric and the shouting there is not much he can do to change the


Apart from the humour in Mugabe’s observation that we should wake up facing the east where the sun rises and only face the west when we want to sleep, there is not much Zimbabwe can expect from the zhing-zhong revolution.

Why has it taken Mugabe this long to realise that East is best?

Could it be because he has been banned from the West? His recent trip to Rome must have brought back memories of the good old times. The whole country has been reduced to ashes only because Mugabe wants to score cheap political points against Britain’s Tony Blair.

We can write thousands of pages criticising many of Mugabe’s policies in recent years, but without the power and the means to do anything about it, our shouts are meaningless.

Moyo had an opportunity to help the people with his brilliant ideas when he was in government, but he chose to sup with the devil. Now, Moyo can call Mugabe by all sorts of vituperative epithets, but one thing is clear; Mugabe will continue to rule, and Zimbabweans will continue to suffer.

There is no need to suppress Moyo’s voice from the independent press, despite his ruthless past. Like a baby, Moyo will soon be silenced by his own yelling because the mother is not going to flinch!

Hudson Taivo,


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