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MDC incapable, prove me wrong!

ZANU PF have fudged the election and are still in power.

Now a major “Fuel crisis spreads”, “Zim faces more power cuts”, “The meltdo

wn continues unabated”, up to 4,5 million people are in need of immediate food aid (the Famine Early Warning System Network), up to half the domestic workforce have been, or will be dismissed as a result of the recent minimum wage increase, “Harare is at the point of collapse”, “15 asset firms face closure” (courtesy of our old friend Gideon Gono), and John Robertson states that steps must be taken to deal with the shortage of foreign currency (all the foregoing taken from the Zimbabwe Independent, April 29).

And the key to the foregoing is Robertson’s statement regarding the shortage of foreign currency. Unfortunately, there is only one way that foreign currency will be attracted to this “sovereign state” — and that is with the removal by whatever means (age, senility, whatever) of the existing president and for his replacement with someone acceptable to the rest of the world.

There will be no change in the West’s attitude to this country, no increase in forex infow, until that occurs.

What triggers this letter is a statement by MDC secretary-general Welshman Ncube (in the same issue): “The MDC will not sit back on mobilisation of the people but we have realised that we cannot put one million people on the streets to demonstrate against government and the ruling party.”

And I would remind Ncube that the late Enoch Dumbutshena, first black Chief Justice of Zimbabwe and a fine man, said some time after he had retired, that the only way for a change of government to take place would be when the people rise up and throw the Zanu PF leaders out of office. And I confess I believe that this MDC party has not the leadership to lift the people to this level.

Ncube refused to shed light on what form the struggle would take and when it will take place.

I wish I had any faith in the MDC’s leadership that would suggest they might have a positive plan of action in this regard.

Their best seems to be the wait for Mugabe’s death or mental inability to rule. Prove me wrong, MDC leadership — but don’t wait until Zimbabwe has sunk beyond reclamation.

Incapable Lot,


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