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Mbeki acting against Nepad principles

THE statement that President Thabo Mbeki made in the Sunday Independent on why Cosatu is too vocal about what is happening in Zimbabwe and ignoring what is happening in the DRC where a lot of people are being killed by war encourages the

people of Zimbabwe to engage in civil war.

It appears only war can prod Mbeki into attending to the Zimbabwean crisis.

Mbeki is the same person who is running around the world trying to lure prospective investors from different parts of the world to come and invest in Africa by selling the principles of Nepad of which one of the fundamental principles is good governance.

My question is: does his encouragement of a civil war and support for President Mugabe promote good governance in Africa as he preaches?

The answer is no.

I advise my fellow Zimbabweans to unite in fighting the Mugabe regime and to leave Mbeki aside.

Simon Masuku,

South Africa.

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