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Leave opportunists out of talks

CONFLICT is an issue that can be catastrophic and bear negative implications of different dimensions. It can be between two people or more.

In Zimbabwe’s ca

se it involves two major political parties — Zanu PF and the MDC. Despite conflicting ideas and policies, people should seek to solve their differences amicably and refrain from undermining each other.

There are so many definitions that highlight what conflict really is. There are lots of theories that have been developed by theorists in regard to conflict resolution.

Most definitions are applicable only in regard to corporations, but I have always been an adherent of the modern conflict resolution model that simply defines conflict as “a situation in which the concerns of two people appear to be incompatible”.

It is defined as a process that begins when one party perceives the other to have frustrated, or is about to frustrate, its needs or concerns.

It can arise from differences in ideologies, objectives or values, reflecting a rivalry in which one tries to outdo or undo the other as is the case with Zimbabwe.

There is need to stop forthwith these attacks on the opposition or those opposed to the ruling Zanu PF. It must be stressed that conflict at times is good as it brings out different ideas through brainstorming on burning issues. It is also good in that feuding parties might find common ground at the end in a democracy.

In the case of Zimbabwe, the ruling party has shown myopia in monopolising power under the disguise of being the “chosen one” yet people follow only through coercion and intimidation.

The only way Zimbabwe’s political impasse can be solved is if the ruling party agrees to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding our political woes.

Zanu PF must accept changing times and conceptualisation of conflict management tools and styles.

Conflict management styles have five different levels which, when followed properly, produce results we desire for our nation. The opening of discussions is of paramount importance as it opens doors to meaningful dialogue. People can only be free from oppression and suppression if our leaders engage in genuine discussions.

Conflict is so complex that it has to be carefully and methodically dealt with to appeal to warring parties. Every negotiating member should be happy at the end. If conflict is handled amicably, it can turn out to be a cause of celebration and can unite a country in shambles like Zimbabwe.

Let’s find new ways and means that have not been exploited before to try and resolve the conflicts that beset our country as one big happy family. Let’s refrain from violence and intimidation so as to realise our potential as a nation. Solutions only come with the realisation and understanding of the conflict first.

Let’s not engage political opportunists to frustrate the negotiation process. We do not want to find ourselves in a political quagmire that we have entangled ourselves in.

Eddie Kwaramba,


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