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History shall judge you harshly Mr President

DOESN’T President Mugabe notice that he has crippled the country? Why can’t he resign like leaders in other countries do?

Doesn’t he notice that

Zimbabwe is the only country with over a quarter of its population living outside its borders, yet the country is not at war?

Doesn’t he think that he is stretching Zimbabweans’ patience too far?

Ugandans are all over the world because of, the madness of Milton Obote and Idi Amin, Nigerians because of the coups and military juntas, Congolese because of the late Mobutu Sese Seko, Rwandese all over France because of the madness of Interahamwe while Sudanese have fled xenophobic Arabs. Does he think Zimbabweans fled the drought?

History will judge you harshly Mr President. You have tormented many souls — including my mother’s, because even if I send her some British pounds, she can’t get the essential commodities nor access the medicine prescribed for her.

Lucky you Mr President, you get everything you want. I hate you for that Mr President…yes I hate you! I really hate you for tormenting my mother’s heart.

History shall judge you harshly just like it has done Emperor Bokassa, Obote, Amin, Moi, Mobutu and other despots who once ruled countries on the African continent. And your children and young wife shall also face the music when the time comes.

Resign and let others take over and try to resuscitate the economy you have badly destroyed.

Munhuwepi Asingasiyichigaro,


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