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Government heartless and insensitive

I HAVE written this letter as one of the Zimbabwe Independent news readers.

First of all, I would like to thank you for being informative and a voice for the voic


I have been visiting the site for news from home on a daily basis and I can safely say at the moment you are the best source for independent news. Keep up the good work!

Now just a comment on some of the current issues going on in Zimbabwe. It is sad to find the government taking pride in inflicting pain on the poor. It is the government which put people in their current situation in the first place.

The government is just heartless and insensitive to the plight of its people.

It is so sad especially considering the fact that it seems there is little the opposition MDC is doing about it besides issuing press statements.

This is not the time for press statements but the time they should be working with other civic groups to try and build a strong voice that can be heard.

Press statements in Zimbabwe where the government controls the media are not the best means to mobilise people because chances are high the targeted people won’t get to either read or hear about them. Press statements are for us living abroad who can access alternative media.

We should all work together to stop the government in its tracks. Everyone has a role to play whether we live in Zimbabwe or in the diaspora. The diaspora should give moral support and say prayers for the people at home.

People in Zimbabwe at the moment should work together to stop this rot. Everyone should have heed- ed the call for the proposed stayaway. It is however sad to note that some people choose to work.

If the NCA wants their action to be effective, they should call for an indefinite stayaway until the government withdraws police from the streets and make an undertaking to respect the rights of the people.

For Zimbabweans living in the diaspora what we can do to support our brothers and sisters at home is to organise ourselves and go to our respective embassies and take part in peaceful protest marches to coincide with the stayaway which started yesterday and is scheduled to end today.

The other way we can register our protest against a government which is abusing our brothers and sisters is to stop remitting our forex through the Homelink scheme because it is the money they are using to buy tear-gas and other ammunition they use to suppress the people.

Let’s all put our heads together and try to find a cure to the cancer which is killing our country.

David Nhaku,


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