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Don’t blow this chance

THIS letter is for all Zimbabweans.

Now that you have been given another chance to get rid of the evil Zanu PF regime are you going to blow it again? It only take

s good men and women to be quiet for evil to triumph.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that Mugabe and his cabinet have destroyed Zimbabwe that was once a prosperous and much envied country.

How many promises has Zanu PF made? Why is it that every election they make promises and disappear once voted in? Have any of the promises materialised? This is the time to cut them to size and let them know who has the power. History will judge you harshly if you don’t take action. Prices of basic commodities are sky-rocketing daily. The health delivery system has collapsed, unemployment is at record highs.

People of Zimbabwe, it’s time you vote thugs out. People are starving while they are busy lining their pockets. It’s time you speak. Go and vote wisely. You have the power to change things.

Kennedy Bumhira,

Montreal, Canada.

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