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Diaspora views irrelevant

I KNOW and appreciate that letters to the editor are your prerogative and yours only, whether any will be published or not.

Sir, with all due respect to you and y

our colleague at the Standard, letters to the editor in these two prestigious publications have become ridiculously meaningless over the last few months.

Week in and week out, you have the bulk of the letters pages filled with views from Zimbabweans in the so-called diaspora. Honestly, are these people’s views really relevant?

Another bone of contention for me is the amount of locals requesting pseudonyms. Some of these requests for a nom de plume are just plain stupid and silly.

For Christ’s sake, if I feel strongly about an issue I should be brave enough to give my identity otherwise my view becomes completely useless.

In conclusion, I would give an arm and a leg to know why the Zimbabwe Independent and the Standard publish so many letters from foreign-based writers and local cowards?

Leslie Vollenhoven,


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