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Demolitions just a tip of the ice-berg

I WOULD like to comment on the political events currently taking place in terms of the destruction of what government calls illegal structures in Harare and surrounding areas.

, sans-serif”>This is just a tip of the ice-berg as more is coming considering the way Zanu PF has treated perceived members of the opposition. People of Harare are paying dearly for their show of no confidence in the ruling party, hence the suffering.

When will our government plan before acting as in this case?

I believe and know that lots of well-to-do Zimbabweans today have been brought up and raised by money that their parents saved through vending and tuckshops.

Informal types of business have sustained a lot of families, yet the government which claims to represent the people treats them inhumanely.

How and when are those that have been left homeless going to get decent accommodation, and how long will it take seeing that government is broke by admitting it needs UN food relief after telling the world that it did not need any aid from any quarter. Mugabe should not take people for granted.

Perhaps this is a tough lesson for people to learn where to put the Xs in future elections.

Eddie Kwaramba,


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