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Base fees on actual bin collections

RECENTLY Harare council officials and councillors have been reported as refusing to agree to base refuse bin charges on actual collection figures due to possible abuse.

serif”>This cannot go unchallenged. In fact, massive abuse is already taking place!

Residents in blocks of flats and similar developments are being heavily financially penalised due to charges imposed for ghost collections.

Times are tough enough as they are without having to fork out money for bogus collections.

Over the past few years, local residents’ associations within the Avenues have been conducting a survey on actual refuse bag collections. The findings are very clear. All complexes surveyed have been grossly overcharged with an average of only one third of the charged units being collected — rarely more — commonly well below.

This is not only unfair, but dishonest. Great of course for the refuse companies under the existing system!

Electricity, water, telephone and other charges are based on actual consumption, so why not the collection of refuse bins?

Of course council officials will respond by saying that such a system is not practical or whatever, when in reality with today’s technology, it’s simple. Under such a system, to stop the refuse companies’ propensity to overcharge, rates bills could list the number of bags collected enabling residents to verify the charges.

In the block in which I live, we have been keeping actual records of collections for two years.

Written applications have been made to the director of health, Harare municipality, for credit of non-collections, but he has never even bothered to respond. Sadly, this is the standard of “professionalism” we experience these days and the cheating goes on!

M Leppard,


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