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Why we should all vote out Zanu PF

THERE are those who cannot be persuaded that they should be bothered by elections. Many offer the simplistic and stupid argument that they are too busy getting on with their lives to be bothered with “politics”.

All those more interested in drinking than voting — just remember that the price of a bottle of beer at the time of the last parliamentary election in 2000 was less than $20. If your apathy contributes to another “victory” for Zanu PF, guess what the price of a beer will be in 2010.

All those too busy trying to survive to be bothered to vote, just remember what has happened to the economy in the past five years of misrule by Zanu PF.

All those with children, remember what has happened to educational standards and costs over the past five years.

All those who have encountered sickness amongst family or friends, remember what has happened to health standards and costs over the past five years.

All those who are seeking employment, remember how many jobs have been lost in the past five years.

All those without adequate shelter, remember that housing waiting lists just get longer and longer each year that Zanu PF remains in power.

All those who are hungry, remember who has destroyed an efficient agricultural sector simply to give once productive farms, not to the landless, but to those already choking on their own excesses.

All those who lose so much of their hard-earned money in taxation, remember how much of your money ends up financing presidential motorcades, ministerial Mercedes Benz vehicles and payouts to Zanu PF cronies — whether they are mismanaging parastatals and government departments, or claiming monthly handouts and free everything as war veterans.

All those who have memories, remember the promises made by Zanu PF every five years (whether nationally promising free education and free health for all, or locally promising new roads and bridges, schools and clinics, etc).

All those who understand what the liberation war was all about, remember how your freedom, your human dignity, your human rights have been trampled on by Zanu PF.

All those who are parents, think of the future that you will bequeath to your children if you allow this corrupt, destructive regime to continue in power.

All those who can be bought for a pittance to do the bidding of the ruling elite, remember that when you have been used and abused you will be discarded as so much human debris.

Why do you delight in presidential motorcades and mansions when you have no shoes and no shelter? Why do you praise sing for the chefs when they have done nothing for you and have no concern for you?

Zimbabweans, if by your apathy you allow Zanu PF to continue to desecrate and destroy your country then please do not complain when, in another five years’ time, the price of beer is several million dollars and Zimbabwe has possibly become the only country in the world in which even the destitute are millionaires.

“Zimbabwe will never be a colony again,” proclaims Zanu PF. Perhaps that is why they are hell bent on destroying the country — to keep their imagined and imaginary colonisers at bay.

RES Cook,


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