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White farmers don’t deserve a penny

THE white farmers who are seeking trillions of lost earnings and improvements can go to hell. They are trying to wreck our economy further and worsen the suffering among people.

ca, sans-serif”>MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and President Mugabe should be united in giving these former colonisers nothing of the sweat of the taxed African in Zimbabwe.

They might obtain favourable court rulings anywhere in the world but until reparations for underdevelopment caused to each and every African are made by these colonisers, I will keep resisting any form of compensation to these self-glorifying and unrepentant lampreys.

We need dialogue not classic court cases founded on neo-colonial reactionarism meant to punish Africans.

Go to hell with your court case. I hate tyranny but for land I am one way with anyone who wants it distributed fairly after years of segregation and legislative seclusion.

Whites owe us an apology for causing underdevelopment and confining us to infertile pieces of land.

This court case against attempts by Africans to reclaim their land is in itself racist.

Courage Shumba,

United Kingdom.

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