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Try the MDC for a change

WHILE the presidency of Zimbabwe is not being contested in the March 31 parliamentary election, the MDC must win at least 100 seats to ensure that parliament makes positive amendments to pave way for the drafting of a people-driven consti


Zimbabweans have suffered under President Mugabe’s rule and the only solution to our economic woes is his removal from power.

I would like to remind the suffering Zimbabweans who support Zanu PF that they have, like all other Zimbabweans, suffered for the past 25 years, while a chosen few have grown richer and richer over the years.

Why then should they continue to suffer so that just a few can rejoice?

I therefore strongly urge all Zanu PF supporters countrywide to try the MDC for a change.

If the opposition garners two thirds of the seats that are being contested, President Mugabe will immediately resign from office and a fresh presidential election will be held bringing in a new president with new ideas to take the country out of this economic mess.

Having failed the people for the past 25 years, there is nothing much that Zimbabweans can expect from the Mugabe regime.

As we speak, we are being told lies by President Mugabe, RBZ governor Gideon Gono and acting Finance minister Herbert Murerwa that the economy has improved since Gono took over at the central bank.

This is just a campaign gimmick because if one looks closely at the cost of living over the past 12 months, life has become more unbearable.

In January last year, one kg of beef was selling at $13 000, but the same kg now goes for $45 000.

President Mugabe, Murerwa and Gono are just out to hoodwink us into blindly voting for Zanu PF.

There are no special shops for Zanu PF supporters; consumers buy from the same shops and the prices are the same whether one is Zanu PF or MDC.

While President Mugabe wants everyone to believe that he is well-educated and can rule with wisdom, he was warned by many people, including student activists, labour and civic society against the Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (Esap) but now has the cheek to blame Western countries for the disaster that came about as a result of Esap.

I read a foreword to the book Beyond Esap published by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions in which MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai advised the Mugabe regime against Esap, but Mugabe ignored all advice.

I challenge all Zanu PF supporters to read that book. The Mugabe regime is the suffering majority’s number one enemy. We should unite and give the opposition the two thirds majority in parliament so that the bad leaders can leave the scene.

Benjamin Chitate,


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