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Stop this abuse of funerals

THE funeral of the late governor for the metropolitan city of Harare Witness Mangwende on March 2 can not just pass without a comment as it turned out to be yet another Zanu PF rally.

elvetica, sans-serif”>President Mugabe seems to have developed a knack for turning his henchmen’s funerals into rallies for Zanu PF when in fact they should be opportunities to pay last respects to the deceased.

Surely, the families of those declared heroes by this uncouth government should be bitter with the way the government takes over such occasions and let President Mugabe spew forth his party propaganda.

Mangwende’s funeral was punctuated by attacks on fired Information minister Jonathan Moyo who has since turned “number one traitor”.

I have a feeling that very soon Zanu PF will add the newly-baptised Moyo on its list of traitors.

The rhetoric that President Mugabe spewed at the funeral was an indication that he is no longer sure of where he is heading.

He has become so confused that he had the audacity to say chiefs had expressed their displeasure on the hiring of Moyo in the first place, blaming the Zanu PF leadership for imposing him on them.

I think Zimbabweans are too smart to fall for such cheap politics. President Mugabe, by suggesting that Mangwende was an educated official who never asked for high positions suggests to me that people like him are the ideal type of cronies that he wants to be surrounded by.

Those like Moyo who are more robust and challenging do not last. I guess that is why President Mugabe backed Joyce Mujuru as one of his vice-presidents.

She will only serve his interests rather than those of the people. Such is African politics and when it is exposed, those who dare speak out are labelled puppets of the West.

It is pointless blaming the West. Locals elsewhere will still enlighten their suffering compatriots.

President Mugabe should refrain from turning funerals into rallies. His party does not need permission to hold rallies for its propaganda purposes as demanded of the opposition, so I wonder why he keeps on abusing funerals.

Eddie Kwaramba,


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