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Panel should help electorate make informed choices

SUPA Mandiwanzira has improved tremendously since last week, judging by the interview held with the MDC duo of Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Tendai Biti on Tuesday.

s-serif”>However, he could do well by being more specific in his questioning by citing relevant clauses and articles in bills and laws rather than arguing on the basis of “seeing a sentence in that bill”.

Ibbo Mandaza still continues to seek endorsement of his viewpoints from interviewees. Take the issue of the National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF), which he chairs, as an example.

That it has given good advice to the government on the country’s failing economy is his point of view. There is nothing wrong with that.

But to seek MDC’s endorsement on this viewpoint is wrong. It is unacceptable for an interviewer to contest the viewpoints of a political party or candidate in direct access programming.

We expect interviewers to ask challenging questions and critically follow up on the replies presented, rather than to disagree or agree with party or candidate positions — a mistake Ibbo keeps on repeating.

This renders the whole interview a partisan event that does not assist the electorate to make informed choices.

Happison Muchechetere is a total mess. Firstly, he confidently asks uninformed questions.

Secondly, he disrupts the interviewee, rendering the whole interview unintelligible. He never has the patience to get a response.

Thirdly, he displays arrogance to the viewers and the person(s) he is interviewing. As the electorate, we are not interested in seeing Muchechetere’s prejudicial giggle on the screen. Rather, we expect him to treat the interview process seriously to win the ZBH credibility among the Zimbabwean public.

I urge interviewers to try even harder. After all, this is a learning process for ZBH, who until now, were indoctrinated to the extent that when the truth is exposed, they become unsettled!



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