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How many were disenfranchised?

I SAW from your excellent paper of last week that you have exposed many of the election frauds committed on March 31.

It would be interesting to see from the list

of voters turned away, how many should have been rightly able to vote.

When I arrived at the Borrowdale school station, because I had a confirmation of registration slip, I was sent to the side desk because from the date of my registration, my name would not have been on the printouts.

When the polling officer there looked at my national identity card she said I could not vote because I was a non-citizen.

They then started taking down my details in the “refused” voter book. I protested, insisting that permanent residents before 1985 could vote. They referred my documents to a police officer who after some discussion with the polling officer, said I could go and vote.

It would be interesting to find out how many eligible non-citizens were denied their opportunity to vote?



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