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Handling of poll fraud crucial for Zim

THE Delimitation Commission was appointed by President Mugabe. The MDC did not participate in the selection process.

The Delimitation Commission’s main duti

es, if I am not mistaken, were to amalgamate constituencies where the MDC enjoys a lot of support and increase constituencies where Zanu PF had a lot of support.

Some of the urban constituencies were reorganised to accommodate portions that encompass newly-resettled farmers. This was done purposefully to dilute the MDC electorate. There is no doubt about it. The MDC was out of it.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commision (ZEC) head was appointed by President Mugabe without the participation of the contesting parties.

The ZEC chairman is Justice George Chiweshe. Other members include Sarah Kachingwe, Vivian Ncube, Professor George Kahari and Reverend Jonathan Siyachitema.

The whole electoral process was in the hands of the ruling party. All the command centres were staffed with CIO operatives, high ranking army officers and police personnel. Zanu PF ran the election in its own direction.

Now that the election is over and the MDC is crying foul over alleged rigging, I am of the view that if they were held in a transparent manner, nothing would prevent the ruling party from listening to the MDC’s complaints, rather than blowing the issue out of proportion.

A new cabinet is not a panacea to our current crisis. Why hurry? This will never help us get out of our political quagmire.

Zanu PF won the election, fine. The MDC is complaining over massive vote-rigging and has evidence to that effect. There is time in life when one should swallow his pride and come to terms with reality.

Zimbabwe has the capacity to be an exemplary nation but our leaders have reduced us to beggars, laughing stocks, a cursed and shameful nation, deceiving themselves that the result of the just-ended election reflects the people’s wish. Why not listen to the disgruntled lot’s problems, rather than brushing them aside?

The way our regime handles this issue of election fraud will decide our future as a nation. It appears that the current regime is at ease — no problems at the moment. With the majority in parliament, why worry? Let us wait and see.

Alec Chikati,


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