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Give us a break, just go!

POLITICS is very interesting but can sadly be misused by selfish, short-sighted individuals to abuse everything to gain wealth and power.

A true statesman puts his people before himself. A statesman is supposed to have motherly

attributes that seek the betterment of children and future of the next generations.

People like Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta and Nelson Mandela did much to develop and improve the lifestyles and living standards of their citizens, unlike what is obtaining in Zimbabwe with President Mugabe at the helm.

Life is a vicious circle, where people who contributed to freedom of the citizens have become obstacles to development of their nations.

Revenge is a bitter word which seems to be well-known within Zanu PF. The Merchant of Venice comes to mind: a pound of flesh is always demanded of those who fail to play to the rules set by the powers-that-be, and even when the blood gushes out, the law is changed to suit them.

The born-frees are no better than those who were born before 1980. The latter group have options to move out of the country because they are qualified. The born-frees are more of slogan-chanters than anything else,
while the powers-that-be are educating their children outside the country.

A two-way, give-and-take situation is what politics is all about. But when diplomacy and negotiations fail, all become losers, especially the ordinary person on the street and the workers who need employment.

The number of taxpayers is diminishing and a country cannot be run on donations and repatriated funds from Western countries.

Zanu PF has so much to be blamed for by the citizens of Zimbabwe and its neighbours, especially those who have been lied to so many times.

The economy is not doing well, and UK premier Tony Blair and United States president George Bush are not to be blamed for the failures on the farms and the slump in production.

Following the removal of productive farmers, what remains are either clowns or actors who think they can run an economy, yet they have no clue, except that they went to war.

Both Econet Wireless and Kingdom Bank are doing very well as are the majority of the people who moved outside the country.

I wonder if President Mugabe’s globe-trotting is still enjoyable. He might have fuel and the money, but who can enjoy that when everyone else is struggling to make it through the day.

Fuel, electricity, water, food and cash shortages are on the minds of people every day. Getting to work and back home has become work on its own for the majority.

Please give people a break and do the right thing: retire. That will give the country a fresh start. That will be your greatest gift to the people of Zimbabwe.

Do not think like the rest of the failed African leaders, give people freedom whilst you are still strong and able to make a decision on your own.

Thuthukile Mkhize,

Los Angeles, USA.

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