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Expose Mutambara’s pro-Mugabe mindset

PROFESSOR Arthur Mutambara’s continued reference to MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai’s having lost elections persuades many to suspect that Mutambara’s plan is to tarnish the image of Tsvangirai while endorsing President Mugabe’s election fraud.


ambara has repeatedly told his audiences that Tsvangirai is not a capable leader because he has lost previous elections.

If the article “Probe team vindicates MDC claim”, (Zimbabwe Independent, April 21) in which David Coltart, the MDC former secretary for legal affairs, reported that after analysing 12 constituencies, the MDC team which investigated the 2002 presidential poll concluded that at least 490 000 fraudulent votes were stuffed into ballot boxes to give  Mugabe victory is anything to go by, doesn’t Mutambara realise that he is not saying the truth?

Go back to the year 2000, when Tsvangirai contested parliamentary elections and “lost” to Kenneth Manyonda in Buhera; the results of that election were nullified by the High Court, yet Mutambara is still convinced that Tsvangirai lost the election which also saw the loss of lives.

Mutambara is, instead, telling the world that Mugabe has conducted free and fair elections throughout. If that is what he really believes, then this kind of thinking needs to be exposed. It should be the responsibility of every progressive Zimbabwean to expose such pro-Mugabe thinking.

I understand Mutambara’s level of desperation, but trying to credit Mugabe with election fraud will certainly turn many well-meaning Zimbabweans away from his party.

Benjamin Chitate,
New Zealand.

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