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Diaspora should shun Homelink

I AM writing to raise an issue which I believe to be of utmost importance. Since the judiciary of Zimbabwe, in collusion with our Zanu PF, has chosen to champion the cause of oppression by denying Zimbabweans in the diaspora universal suf

frage, I feel it is of paramount importance for us to stop sending money to Zimbabwe via Homelink.

I know that a lot of criticism heaped on government policies is usually not followed up by viable alternative solutions.

I propose that Zimbabweans in the diaspora in general, and in the UK in particular, send money through reputable firms like Western Union or, in the interests of supporting our own businessmen, we can send money via transfer agencies.

Some of these transfer agencies even offer better rates.

If we as Zimbabweans in the diaspora make a concerted effort to derail RBZ governor Gideon Gono’s efforts to milk us whilst refusing to recognise our right to determine our own destiny, then I believe that pressure may be brought on the pliant judiciary to re-consider the use of blatantly cowardly conspiratorial tactics such as reserving judgement on urgent issues.

As a starting point, I urge your paper to start a forum through which we can identify current Homelink agents to help us mobilise against their machinations.

Although this will affect their businesses, I appreciate that there have to be casualties in every struggle.

This will hopefully prove that a lot of the firms granted licences under the Homelink scheme have corrupt links to Zanu PF bigwigs.

As the poll day approaches, it’s time for Zimbabweans abroad to act.

I appreciate that overseas life is not a bed of roses and it’s difficult to balance a working life with political activity but I know that we all send money home and all we need to do is re-consider who we send it through and what exactly they are doing for us.

Baba Mbezo,


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