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Bigotry, stupidity of Batswana laid bare

DIKGANG Tau, in his vitriolic attack on all Zimbabweans, shows the bigotry and stupidity that afflicts the people of Botswana.

By accusing all Zimbabweans of brea

king into Batswana homes to steal, he shows a lack of understanding of the simple concept of individuality.

The struggle of the people of Zimbabwe can never be understood by Botswana, a country that never had to fight to get Independence. Their Independence was granted to them by the British, in a curious castration of their monarch, who was turned from a chief of sorts to a “president”.

Zimbabwe got its Independence through a tough fight, no thanks to Botswana. Black South Africans found refuge and succour in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania and other African countries while Botswana was busy licking the bottom of apartheid.

Tau’s comments come as no surprise. He lives in a country without a soul. An unfeeling country that supped while using the backs of suffering black South Africans as dining room chairs.

Not all Zimbabweans, Tau, go to Botswana looking for “piece work” as you call it. We have professional businessmen who have set up banks and mobile phone companies in your country. They pay taxes in your country which are used to improve the lives of the likes of you, while the so-called bushmen survive on tubers and wild fruit.

Indeed, when the history of Africa is finally written, Botswana will not merit a mention at all, because this is one country that has done absolutely jack to help the struggles of fellow Africans, from Namibia to South Africa.

Tau’s bigotry should therefore be seen for what it really is — a cry of pain from cowards who have been pinched. We Zimbabweans, and South Africans on the other hand, can suffer crushing blows in silence. Our resilience is what is going to see this country emerge to be a powerhouse on the continent. We neither seek nor need the approval, pity or help of Botswana.

Tau should also not delude himself into believing that his country is a beacon of good governance and democracy. It isn’t. Politically, Botswana is as good as a one-party state. Stuck in a time-warp, the government of Botswana has, in the recent past, also thrown venom at two respected professors who authored a paper entitled “Botswana is no model for Africa”.

Denford Magora,


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