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Article exposes state media’s wishful thinking

ELECTION time is the time when propaganda is in season especially when dictatorial regimes such as Zanu PF are facing imminent defeat.

But the article headlined &

#8220;Things fall apart for the MDC”, (Herald, March 14) provides high entertainment value not only for the outright fiction contained therein, but the wishful thinking in the state media that the MDC will simply be wished away from Zimbabwe’s political scene.

Firstly, the fact that the Herald carried two articles in the same issue denigrating the MDC must be seen in the context of the Sadc protocol on free and fair elections.

It is common knowledge the protocol is clear that there must be equal access to the public media by all contesting political parties.

What we have seen from the Herald and other publicly-owned newspapers is not only a denial that they are publicly-owned, but their transformation into fully-fledged Zanu PF mouthpieces in clear violation of the Sadc protocol.

The article in question does not even give the MDC its right of response which it is entitled to in any newspaper worth its salt.

We have seen in the past few weeks the Herald turning itself into a multi-paged flyer for Zanu PF by carrying distorted and usually outright fiction on issues concerning the MDC without giving us our right of reply.

If indeed it were true that there is a major rift between so-called factions allegedly led by Professor Welshman Ncube and the other by MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai, wouldn’t it only be fair that such a party would not have lasted five years on Zimbabwe’s political scene?

With such a rift as reported by the Herald’s entertainment reporter -— for it can only be an entertainment reporter -— would the MDC have managed to win and control 12 major cities in the country with its senior leaders pulling in different directions?

Zimbabweans know which party has seen its fortunes dwindling in the past five years. They know which party has now turned Zimbabwe into a pariah state and they know the party where real divisions are taking place.

They know where things are definitely falling apart as evidenced by the sacking of a cabinet minister from government and the suspension of six provincial chairpersons for deciding to nominate candidates against Robert Mugabe’s wishes.

The MDC announced from the onset in August 2004 that it was withdrawing from all elections while it consulted with its members on whether to participate in this month’s parliamentary elections or not.

The MDC did not decide to participate in the elections because of pressure from the faceless “handlers” the Herald alludes to in its article.

The MDC made it very clear that it was participating because Zimbabweans in 11 of its 12 provinces were of the opinion that the party should participate.

Apart from several outright lies in this article, the one that takes the crown is where this publicly-owned newspaper alleges that relations between the MDC and the ZCTU are so bad that the labour body snubbed the party’s election campaign launch in Masvingo. Yet in the same article, the same newspaper alleges that 34 of the ZCTU affiliates are not happy with its association with “global capitalism” and the MDC.

How does the ZCTU align itself with the MDC and yet the same article alleges the labour body snubbed the party’s election campaign launch?

Zimbabweans know what they want. They want food, jobs, a stable economy, the rule of law and a party and government that listens to them and provides for a future for their children. They know they are going to vote for the MDC whether the Herald likes it or not. And Zimbabweans know that things are really going to fall apart for Zanu PF on March 31, whether the Herald likes it or not.

MDC Information department,



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