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Another Mugabe red-herring

THE MDC must give South African President Thabo Mbeki and other Zanu PF apologists like Ibbo Mandaza an appropriate and strong rebuttal to their grandiose and preposterous statements inviting it to provide proof of rigging in the March 31


This is totally besides the issue.

Given the proof, what will Mbeki do with it? He knows any such proof has to go through a severely compromised judiciary comprising one or two judges and Zanu PF political commissars masquerading as judges.

This is once again one of those Mugabe red-herrings meant to preoccupy the MDC while buying him more time.

The MDC should not fall for such obvious deceit. Does anyone remember what the United States did during the final days of apartheid? Currently, the US and the EU are revising the smart sanctions imposed on President Mugabe and his cronies. The revised version must be extended to any other political leader from countries supporting him.

An announcement of a statement of intent to do this by the US and the EU will no doubt sort the mess in Sadc and Zimbabwe within a week.

Alfred Mathema,

South Africa.

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