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Why wait for an uprising?

THIS letter is directed at Robert Gabriel Mugabe (First secretary of Zanu PF) and Nathan Shamuyarira (Zanu PF spokesperson).

I am writing to show great concern ov

er failure by Zanu PF and its government to run the country.

It looks as if Zimbabwe has no leadership.

It is indeed true that you have stopped to run the country, concentrating on false anti-Blair and Bush propaganda.

Numerous cases of dehumanisation abound in Zimbabwe. What is your comment?

Take notice that patriotic Zimbabweans are now going to be forced into an uprising because of your negligence.

One cannot help imagining how you feel about the extent of suffering people in Zimbabwe have endured.

Please, if you have failed, time is nigh that you should pack and go.

Vabereki vedu vakafa nenzara ngozi yacho munoiripa nei? (How are you going to appease the spirits if our parents startve to death?)



President of WUZ.

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