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That shameless opportunist!

AH! The shameless opportunist Jonathan Moyo speaketh! His belligerance is most unbecoming considering whose shekels tinkled so steadily and benevolently over his bloated cranium during the last few years. Shrunk a bit now?

Hotel staff must have had a good chuckle over the fax — I certainly would have!

The words speak volumes about their speaker: “Dripping venom; governed by anger; kangaroo (court) headquarters”. These noises are all of Moyo of course — and there will be many more sounds that will speak out of that scheming, unhelpful mind which will then speak more about the person.

These are the ugly, negative perceptions that he promulgates so selfishly and senselessly — without ever seeing, let alone promoting any positive or joyful development in our country.

His dirty hand drove us backwards in almost every sphere of a democratic society. Moyo never had a mandate from the people of Zimbabwe — thus being in league with his “ego tripping” masseur and master, Mugabe.

How he got elected to the Tsholotsho seat is a matter of conjecture… but I do wish my “con” dolences to the people of Tsholotsho for having had their souls sold to Moyo. Any development there will hinge entirely on the personal enrichment of its proponent.

His name has already been indelibly entered in the “Annals of Horrible Persons”.



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