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Supa, Ibbo show was pathetic show

I WATCHED with disappointment Supa Mandiwanzira’s pathetic show in the interview he and Ibbo Mandaza held with MDC’s Tendai Biti after Newshour on March 7.

erif”>I think with more research he could have done better than to expose his ignorance of Zimbabwe’s constitution and laws.

Even when informed about the illegality of RBZ’s actions on disbursement of funds to local government, Mandiwanzira went on to pretend there was nothing unusual about such developments in our society.

His charade as RBZ’s Homelink public relations consultant has blurred the difference between right and wrong. I found his follow-up questions quite unfortunate.

If not condemned, our journalism will surely lead us to a situation where illegal acts by our public institutions go unchallenged by the very institutions that claim to be watchdogs of those in power.

Similarly, Mandaza, given his status as editor-in-chief of a national newspaper, could have done better in his questioning. He sought to endorse his views on the interviewee on issues he should have sought diligent clarification. There is a difference between challenging an idea given by an interviewee, and contesting their viewpoint.

The latter is not acceptable in direct access to the media during elections. I hope organisations such as the Media Monitoring Project of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe will take note.



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