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Stunned by Moyo’s uncouth attacks

AS a cadre who fought in the liberation struggle and witnessed the tribulations that accompanied the birth of a new Zimbabwe, I was stunned, and indeed disturbed by the politically uncouth and vicious attacks levelled by Professor Jonatha

n Moyo against his senior colleagues in the party — the national chairman John Nkomo and politburo member Dumiso Dabengwa.

I am not trying to prejudge issues here but trying to explore the mindset that informs such behaviour patterns and its impact on the ruling Zanu PF in general, especially on the eve of the March 2005 parliamentary election.

Who stands to benefit from this state of affairs? Definitely not Zanu PF.

Herein lies the crux of the matter.

On the one hand, the learned professor would like to make us believe that he is concerned about the political fortunes of Zanu PF in Tsholotsho, whilst on the other hand, he does everything possible to denigrate the party. In other words, Zanu PF can only succeed in Tsholotsho if the professor is the party’s parliamentary candidate. Without him all hell will break loose.

All along, I thought party interests were supreme to an individual’s. The professor is now fighting and posing as the champion and defender of the people of Tsholotsho!

The choice of a female candidate to represent Zanu PF in Tsholotsho was made by Zanu PF’s provincial structures — the Zanu PF he pretends to cherish. This decision was not targeted at a specific individual. The professor seems to think that support for any Zanu PF candidate other than himself translates into direct support for the MDC. If the professor commands so much support in Tsholotsho, why is it difficult for him as a loyal party member to transfer his support to the prospective female candidate in tandem with the party’s collective decision?

For Moyo that seems to be too much. Either he has his way, or Zanu PF has to be destroyed and taught a lesson!

The deafening silence by the relevant party structures on this untidy affair is disquieting. It has reduced the Tsholotsho debacle, which was roundly condemned by the presidency and congress, to a political duel between the national chairman and the professor. The decision to sanction the individuals associated with the Tsholotsho debacle was done collectively by the party.

The party has now to take resolute action in the same manner it suspended the six provincial chairmen in the wake of the Tsholotsho meeting. The tentative approach towards the professor has left the party exposed to unwholesome public innuendoes and public ridicule.

Whilst the professor’s outbursts are providing entertainment value to the public, the image of the party is being tarnished.

Which Zanu PF is he referring to? Is this not a reckless attack on the Unity Accord of 1987 which gave birth to Zanu PF as we know it today? Is the learned professor not aware of this historical and political reality? What is the logical intent and extent of the professor’s assertion?

I challenge him to produce the membership card that predates that of Nkomo and Dabengwa in Zanu PF. From which hymn sheet is the professor singing?

His sheathed boast about his service to Zanu PF and the country since 1999 clearly exposes his mafikizolo status.

The professor needs to be reminded that he was handsomely paid for his services. He also needs to be reminded that there are some cadres who lost their lives, languished in jails and physically carried out the onerous burden of liberating this country without pay or enjoying the Sheraton class of comfort. Their contributions have never made them to stand on a pedestal to claim special status within the party. It is clear now why the professor would want that chapter of our history glossed over.

His claim that 25 years after Independence “a new generation of Zimbabweans has emerged with more dynamic and more values that need to be recognised and respected”, has also exposed his bankrupt ideological perspective.

More dynamic than who? With more values than who? Tell us professor! His contributions since 1999 do not give him a licence to hold the party and government to ransom. I invite him to re-read the history of Zanu PF. No one is indispensable in Zanu PF. I for one fought in the liberation war for 10 years but I am now happily employed as a salesman in a free Zimbabwe.

Finally, the professor’s childish antics to destroy Zanu PF from within will soon be exposed. Zanu PF is not a debating society, it is a disciplined people’s party. He cannot fool all the people all the time. His attack on Nkomo is a decoy, he is actually targeting the president, the presidium, the politburo, the central committee and all Zanu PF structures that explicitly condemned the Tsholotsho meeting.

By roping in Andrew Langa and Abednico Ncube on his side in his latest outburst, is he seeking comfort in numbers or revealing something we do not know already?

Where do we go from here, professor?

Cry my beloved party?

Shungu Mabvakure,


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