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Stump this cricketer from society

IT is a sad day when a story does the rounds in our little village of the brutal killing of a defenceless pet duiker.

That this atrocity was committed by a young

man who is an ambassador player with our national cricket team is a condemnation, internally and internationally, of our country as a whole.

Those from outside our borders — and there are many, diasporans and foreigners — have listened in abject horror of the death by kicking of the pet duiker at a private estate in the wealthy Harare suburb of Chisipite, and are horrified that nothing has been done to bring the perpetrator and his cohorts to account.

Will the “tree huggers”, wildlife associations, hunters’ groups, the Zimbabwe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Zimbabwe Cricket authorities and everyone make their disgust and displeasure known and put pressure on the authorities to ensure that our brave cricketer gets permanently stumped, not only from the sport, but from our society in general?

I was going to write this letter from the duiker’s viewpoint and tell of the fear and horror of these people who had been my friends and how they held me down and started kicking my fragile body; how my ribs fractured and splintered sending shards of bone into my spleen, lungs and heart… but, dear readers, you can imagine all that…

The name of the kicker cannot be published at this time, but it is well-known to those who have heard, and related the story.

Requiem for a duiker,


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