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Stand up to this evil

JANUARY 24 was the anniversary of the freeing of prisoners from Auschwitz concentration camp where one-and-a-half million Jews were slaughtered.

The United Nation

s honoured the day. Secretary-general Kofi Annan told the world that evil can only prosper when good people remain silent. I have not heard him say much about Zimbabwe!

Human rights activist and Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel addressed the UN with a heart-rending account and plea to the world to ensure that evil is never allowed to prosper.

It made me ashamed that President Mugabe likened himself to Adolf Hitler who was responsible for this greatest atrocity ever committed.

As he continued with his speech, I became sick that I was a Zimbabwean, a people who cannot stand up to a dictatorship that kills and tortures its citizens. I became revolted at the Zanu PF cadres, police and civil servants who carry out the wishes of a leadership that employs evil ways to stay in power.

Wiesel told us that the inmates at Auschwitz were not elated when they saw their saviours. They felt they had been tortured as much by the world that stood by and did nothing as by their tormentors. It is up to everyone of us to stand up to evil, whether we are Zimbabwean, Zanu PF or not.

Only when we do this can the world be a better place for our children.

A McCormick,


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