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Score: Goons 1 – MaZimbo 0

DIASPORA fatigue had crept up on me and rendered me unavailable from the circle of information for the past few weeks.

I turn on my computer and visit familiar si

tes and what do I read and hear! Zimbabwe is on fire, could this be the final nail in the self-fashioned coffin of the infamous regime?

Is it true that the informal sector (misika) of our once prosperous economy has been targeted by President Mugabe’s lapdogs? If this is truly happening, then I am glad to say checkmate is nigh or in Zimbabwean lingo “touch is a move”.

I fully concur with Glen Norah MP Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga that we Zimbabweans are a spoilt lot.

Surely do we expect the MDC to tell us how to be angry? Let’s look at this Bullet vs the Stone scenario: do we really expect 41 MPs to march to State House or to engage in physical running battles with the Zanu Republic Police. Let’s get real!

Firstly, the MDC sold out a long time ago. From the time they tasted the luxuries associated with parliament, they became tainted — just look at the squabbles that ensued as top MDC players tried to outfox each other for a chance to sup with the devil.

Their decision to then participate in a parliament which was clearly constituted through a stolen ballot further confirmed the underlying motive for their participation.

Personally, I don’t blame them, who wouldn’t want a salary for sleeping all day or for watching free boxing matches (ie the infamous bout between Roy Bennett and the defeated Patrick Chinamasa).

The MDC stopped caring about our lot a very long time ago. Why do you think President Mugabe has officially given up engaging them in talks?

People may despise Harare Commission chair Sekesai Makwavarara or call her a political prostitute but to be fair she represents what the MDC has become — she only had the guts or maybe conviction to do it openly.

It now doesn’t require a rocket scientist to decipher the way things are headed. We are now on the home stretch, Zimbabwe doesn’t need inspirational leadership, political opposition or intervention for that matter. All it needs is a bit more of what we have now.

Our leaders must keep their eyes and ears closed and keep pressing the operate buttons for the robot army and police force. Stomach politics is real politics, that is the level at which men are separated from boys.

Keep it up Gushungo and we will see just how docile the Zimbabwean populace is.

Current score: Bob and the Goons 1 — MaZimbo 0.

Keep watching the score line.

Baba Mbezo,

New Zealand.

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