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Probe Mapundu’s death to save others

THANK you for printing the letter “Looking for Mapundu”, (Zimbabwe Independent, January 14), and for forwarding the response.

etica, sans-serif”>The confirmation of the killing is indeed very sad. I have been told that he was murdered whilst helping out some travellers by giving them a lift.

Unfortunately they got involved in a row and the result was his death.

I have been told that, although he had been stabbed twice, he was taken to hospital and could have been saved. Unfortunately, the hospital did not give him the necessary treatment as they were under instructions not to treat stab victims until the police had seen them. They apparently were informed but found themselves too busy to go to his aid immediately.

I find this incredible if true. How in a civilised country is this allowed to happen? What kind of governance allows rules to come into force that let a man die for want of treatment that is available?

The red tape that has allowed this is reddened by Fred Mapundu’s blood and, if true, brings shame upon your country.

Perhaps your newspaper might be interested enough to find out exactly what happened and to lobby your government to change this ludicrous rule. Fred’s death might then not have been in vain and others in a similar position might be saved.

Barry Grantham,



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