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Moyo is a liability, parties be warned

ALTHOUGH I am not a Zanu PF member, I find Professor Jonathan Moyo’s character of interest to all Zimbabweans.

He provides exciting political nourishment to the young and ol

d alike.

He burst onto the political arena as an ardent critic of Zanu PF and then made a volte-face in 1999 to join the same party he had vilified for years.

Of late, he has been talking of “many tickets to heaven”, and those who know him say it is an indication that the professor is about to provide us with some spectacular entertainment.

I advise any party in Zimbabwe to be wary of his overtures — he is a liability to the whole country.

I did not understand his litigious nature till I discovered that the professor went to high school in the US (Inglewood High School in California).

He did his tertiary education (BSc to Doctorate) at the University of Southern California, US.

So much for his rabid anti-American posturing. Is there a missing link here?

Charira Ngezi,


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